Text Excerpt about the Burning of 30 Women in Graz Anonymous, around 1300

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30 Women in Flames

As from 1164, the monks of Rein Monastery owned property under the castle, where the Reinerhof and the GrazMuseum are located today. In this excerpt from the “Reiner Annalen“, Graz is mentioned for the first time. Yet the context has posed a riddle down to the present day. The text was interpreted to the effect that 30 women died in a fire within one day in 1115; and this was linked to the burning of witches. However, present-day scholars assume transcription mistakes because more than 200 years passed between the incident and the creation of the text. Thus, this might have been about houses instead of women; or the was not about Graz at all—and these are only two of the assumptions.

MCXV Concremate sunt triginta mulieres in grêcz vna die.
Thirty Women Were Burnt in Graz within One Day in 1115.

Manuscript Reiner Annalen
22.8 × 15.2 cm
Lender: Rein Monastery Archive
Rein Monastery Archive