360 GRAZ

The permanent exhibition of the Graz Museum was first presented in 2012 and extended by an additional room in 2016. Since then The Story of Graz has illustrated the development of the Styrian state capital from the Middle Ages to 2003 from both local and European perspectives. It brings the past into the exhibition space in the structure of a well-arranged presentation depot with which the Graz Museum was nominated for the European Museum of the Year Award 2014.

The exhibition throws a light on the history of Graz from different perspectives: from the European one, the one of urban development, the one of social diversity, or the one of gender history. What you can find in the thematically and chronologically arranged presentation, is your personal interpretation of the many-voiced history of Graz. Depending on your individual interests, you can walk through all period rooms along the subjects Project of the City, Images of the City, Diversity, and Gender Roles, or deepen your knowledge of a specific period.

Adopting a showing attitude, The Story of Graz indirectly thematizes the institution of the museum and the medium of the exhibition too: To which extent can the exhibited objects “represent” a period, hence literally “make it present”? Here, the exhibits are to a lesser extent only illustrative evidence of any historical line of argument, but rather speak themselves. The objects of the past become active and invoking actors in a mise-en-scène of random splinters of a fragmentary heritage—at the same time spatially close and distant in time.


Credits 360 Graz digital

Project conception and management
Sibylle Dienesch

Otto Hochreiter, Martina Zerovnik

Project management
Antonia Nussmüller

Curatorial assistance
Johanna Fiedler

Research associates
Angela Rossmann, Martin Hammer

Scientific support / collection
Katharina Mraček-Gabalier, Franz Leitgeb

Editing and public relations
Martina Pock

Picture management
Franziska Schurig

Concept, Design
MVD Austria: Michael Rieper, Martin Embacher, Bartholomäus Traubeck

Philipp Daun

Technical Development Maps "Graz and Europe"
Christoph Kirmaier / Bildwerk

Federal Chancellery of Austria – Division II: Arts and Culture

Arno Friebes, Edin Prnjavorac, Lena Prehal, Wolfgang Thaler

Wörterei Ranz: Roswitha Ranz
storybox: Christiane Rainer
Stefanie Plut

Translation (English)
Otmar Lichtenwörther

Narrators "History of the City"
Amelie Bauer, Kathryn Birds, Franz Gollner, David McShane


Dominic Zimmel

Filmarchiv Austria, OENB, ORF Steiermark, Sammlung Martin Behr, Max Aufischer, STICHWORT. Archiv der  Frauen- und Lesbenbewegung, Lampls Fahrradmuseum, Hans Haacke, Familie Goess-Saurau, Steiermärkisches Landesarchiv, Steiermärkische Landesbibliothek, Konvent der Franziskaner, Joachim Hainzl, Stadt Graz Magistratsmanagement, Sammlung der Stadt Graz

Advice and support by Design Thinking
blueLAB: Eva Kleinferchner, Peter Webhofer


360 Graz online is based on the permanent exhibition 360 Graz. A Story of Graz

Exhibition credits
Overall concept and curator: Otto Hochreiter
Curator: Martina Zerovnik
Co-curators: Annette Rainer, Christian Rapp
Project management: Sibylle Dienesch
Exhibition assistance: Franziska Schurig
Translation (English): Otmar Lichtenwörther
Exhibition design: Arquitectos
Graphic design of the exhibition: MVD Austria
Photographs Political Physiognomy: Wolfgang Thaler
Research associates: Wolfram Dornik, Joachim Hainzl, Katharina Mraček-Gabalier, Franz Leitgeb, Rainer Rosegger