The Story of Graz

By extending the permanent exhibition The Story of Graz into the digital space, the Graz Museum meets its goal of being a contemporary history museum for all people.

The digital offer follows the exhibition from the supposed first mention of Graz in 1128 to 2003, the year when Graz was European Capital of Culture.

Detaching itself from the museum space not only makes the Graz Museum more accessible, but also opens up other connections and thus new, individual ways of following Graz’s city history. City history is no closed process, but is composed of multi-layered perspectives on the respective present. Following this basic idea, The Story of Graz offers several ways to explore the history of Graz.

The epochs give an overview: What do we learn from history for our lives in Graz today? The maps of the city development illustrate the following: What does it mean to live in a city and how has the city of Graz become what it is today? Emphases on the themes of Project of the City, Images of the City, Diversity and Gender Roles enable differentiated viewing: Who shaped the city and the urban community, to whom was it open, who made history and what enters commemorative culture? As a platform of the vibrant history and of lived openness of the Graz Museum, the digital content of The Story of Graz will grow continuously. In this way, new possibilities for exploring the history of the city of Graz keep emerging.