Zivildienst-Abzeichen mit der Nummer 1 (Alternative Service Badge No. 1) Rotes Kreuz Steiermark, 1975

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Men May Object

Since 1975, men can make a conscientious objection to military service but must perform community service in return. This acceptance of the refusal to take up arms shows the transformation into a society where pacifism is strengthened and social care is not considered an exclusive women’s concern anymore. The belief in a committed, disciplined community of men ready to use violence was broken anyway after the two world wars. Austria’s first conscientious objector performing community service comes from Graz: On 1 April 1975, the teacher and artist Max Aufischer reported for duty with the Red Cross.

Enamelled brass
15 cm
Lender: Privately owned by Max Aufischer, Graz
Max Aufischer