Megaphon Vendor Jörg Schlick, 1996

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Early Integration of Immigrants

After Vienna, most of the immigrants of Nigerian origin live in Graz. Most of them fled from the violent military regimes that rose to power as from the 1980s. Yet statistics make clear the discrepancy between numerical immigration and the fear of “foreign infiltration”. In 2011, 706 people from Nigeria lived in Graz. Megaphon, Austria’s oldest street newspaper, has offered migrants a framework for self-help since 1995. The social initiative celebrated its first birthday with an exhibition of, among other things, these photo portraits of vendors at work in Graz.

Photo canvas (reproduction, original: 150 x 100 cm), steirischer herbst, from the project “Megaphon“, 1996
63 × 44 cm
Lender: Jörg Schlick
Jörg Schlick