Tombstone of Rabbi Nissim (Cast) 1387

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The Jewish Community of Graz

Rabbi Nissim’s tombstone dates Year 5,147 after the Jewish calendar, which corresponds to 1386 AD. With about 200 members, the Jewish community in Graz, which was mentioned in documents for the first time in 1261 and settled in parts of the Herrengasse up to Main Square, flourished in his days. Even though the Jews lived in a separate city district, they still fit naturally into the image of the Christian city. Nissim’s tomb was probably located on the Jewish cemetery outside the city gates, in the area of present-day Jakomini Square and Joanneumring.

And it happened / to the grieving sound of my cither / and the loud weeping of my song / that my father, the teacher of God Nissim deceased / son of Aaron, who had entered his eternity / on Thursday, the tenth of the month of Tammuz in the year / one hundred forty-seven / of the sixth millennium. May his soul be incorporated in the covenant of life. Amen. Selah.

Cast: Erika Thümmel, 1991
118 × 69 × 4 cm
Graz Museum / Photo: Edin Prnjavorac